Hawaiian Veggies and The Sroutwells Get a Dog!

green drink veggies Hawaiian Veggies and The Sroutwells Get a Dog!I cooked this evening, so I thought I’d share a recipe for “Hawaiian Style Vegetables” – we do this one lots!

Hawaiian Style Veggies
1 c. chicken broth
2 tbsp. instant minced onion
2 c. sliced carrots
1 tsp. parsley
1 (8 oz.) can pineapple tidbits
1/4 c. chopped green pepper
2 tsp. cornstarch

Cook carrots in chicken broth 10 minutes. Add onion and parsley. Drain pineapple and reserve liquid. Stir in pineapple and green pepper. Cook 1 minute. Combine cornstarch with reserved juice. Stir into simmering vegetables. Cook until thick. 6 servings. 53 calories each.

Speaking of veggies, a new episode of Sproutwells is out with their newest addition – Phyto the veggie dog. If you are new with the Sproutwells, they are your common, everyday fruit and veggie family who live among humans. Pretty believable, eh?

I have embedded the video into this post so you can see for yourself. My favorite character is Rosie cuz she is super funny and a little bit sneaky too… you’ll see. I also like the part where Ruby imagines herself as the next Paris Hilton. The Sproutwells series is created by FreshFunds.com – a website
dedicated to helping people live happy and healthy lifestyles. 

This is your chance to get rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle by joining the Fresh Funds program. Learn more about their program and share the laughter of the latest Sproutwells episode with your family and friends.

What are you doing to live a healthy life?

Aloha ~


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Tips On How To Make Money With Your Blog

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 Tips On How To Make Money With Your Blog

I wrote a fully detailed article listing over 20 websites that pay you to blog online and which ones worked best for my and my own blogs.  This article is to help bloggers who are trying to monetize their blogs and be able to make some extra money while doing what they already love to do.

Some of the sites that work best for me include SocialSpark, PayPerPost Version 4, BlogsVertise but I have recently been making almost $50 per month from my twitter account with SponsoredTweets and Ad.Ly both of which pay you to advertise with your twitter profile but you have full control over what you want to promote (no auto DM’s and no spamming).

Google AdSense works best over the Chitika, Kontera and other context links and ad programs on my own blogs.

I can tell you that I have never had any success with Smorty, Blogger Wave, LoudLaunch or LinkFromBlog.

This is a snippet and sample of my full detailed article on the top companies to earn money blogging, if you enjoyed the article come over and read the full article and share any services you may have used that I don’t have listed in my article.

-Dragon Blogger

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Malena’s Graduation Invitations


My best friend Malena is finishing up her student teaching block and will soon be graduating from Ohio State!

Now Mal-mal (Malena) and I have been best buds since 5th grade and have done absolutely EVERYTHING together. I have tons of favorite memories… like the time we went paintballing at Hawaii All-Stars, the night she got her first kiss at Kapiolani, our weird and scary sleepover at Ala Moana Beach Park, and the time she bailed from the Oahu Ghost Tour because she had to pee! Haha – we have had some really good times.

Malena has always wanted to be an art teacher and I’m so proud of her accomplishing her dream. I love you little Mal-mal and I can’t wait to see you again!

My makuahine and I taking on the task of creating Malena’s graduation invitations and we want them to be super special. We’ve used VistaPrint for this type of project before because we like how you can customize everything (art work, photographs, fonts, paper stock, etc.). We also like how you can proof everything online before placing your order with them.

Pretty slick, but we’re having some difficulty on the creative side so I’m hoping my readers can help out with some suggestions. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Since we’re having Malena’s graduation party at the family home in Waipahu, we’ll need to include specific directions to the residence. The directions are rather long, but we don’t want to take up a great deal of announcement space to include them. Is it appropriate to add an insert with directions?

Since Malena is an artist, we would LOVE to include one of her original creations on the front panel; however the announcement text will need to be over her artwork. Is this in bad taste to put text over her artwork?

And finally, since Malena is a native Hawaiian and a Rainbow Warrior at heart, do you have any suggestions on how we might lay out an Ohio State Buckeye logo that is complimented by a Hawaii Rainbow Warriors logo? I’d really like to do both!

I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions!

Aloha ~


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Looking Beautiful in the Hawaiian Sun

sun 300x222 Looking Beautiful in the Hawaiian SunI love spending time in the Hawaiian sun, and I’m outdoors enjoying it 3-4 hours per day. Sunbathing, snorkeling, and surfing… the sun can be brutal on delicate skin.

As a young woman that wants to stay looking young and beautiful, I have been reading about Dr. Chantal Burnison and her invention of Ethocyn from Chantal Pharmaceuticals. Some of you might not have any idea what Ethocyn is, but it’s a skincare product that enhances the content and quality of your skin’s elastin fiber content. It can even reduce and remove wrinkles!

Hawaiian women are going to love this!!

Aloha ~


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Hawaii Trip Incentives Require Terrific Visuals

haw 300x198 Hawaii Trip Incentives Require Terrific VisualsLooking for a way to pitch your Hawaii incentive trip to the masses?

The Godfrey Group can provide trade show display booths, displays and exhibits, pop up display units, portable displays, and even some accessories. You can use them to pitch the trip at trade shows, corporate information centers, showrooms, retail environments, and at all of your promotional events.

A Hawaii trip is a once in a lifetime incentive, so roll it out with an out of sight visual!

Aloha ~


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Stay Waikiki 2424 Koa Avenue Honolulu Hawaii 96815

Stay Hotel Waikiki

Located in the heart of Waikiki Beach, Stay Hotel Waikiki is within a block of the ocean and the International Market Place. Also nearby are shopping on Kalakaua Avenue, the Honolulu Zoo and Diamond Head. We offer a 24-hour business center with free use of our business center computers. In addition, Stay Hotel Waikiki provides complimentary wireless Internet access and self parking. Some rooms include balconies with views. All guestrooms feature flat-panel televisions with cable channels.

staywaikiki 300x147 Stay Waikiki 2424 Koa Avenue Honolulu Hawaii 96815





Still undecided? Expand your search!

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My Mazda3 is Now Makani!

A few days ago, I told you about my first automobile – my beautiful and amazing new Mazda3.

Well… I have since given her a name and even given her a first makeover! I named her “Makani” which is a Hawaiian name meaning “wind”. Makani is really living up to her name because she rides like the wind!

For her first makeover, I had a new stereo installed that is super sweet!! It has XM radio and a 12 CD changer with some rockin’ Bose speakers. Makani and I both love it and we even have an “our song” – hehe. It’s an old song called “Get Down On It” from Kool and the Gang.

How you gonna do it, if you really don’t wanna dance
By standing on the wall (get your back up off the wall)

How you gonna do it, if you really don’t wanna dance
By standing on the wall (get your back up off the wall)
‘Cause I heard all my people sayin’

Get down on it…

My friend Alana bought a VW turbocharger for his Jetta and I’m considering a turbocharger for Makani. Why, you ask…? Cause I wanna’ go fast! There’s a a wide selection of replacement turbo and more at turbochargerpros.com so that is probably the next makeover for Makani. The turbochargerpros.com website has an endless inventory of turbo, superchargers, turbochargers, even nose covers – and they offer a complete warranty.

I’m wondering if any of my readers have added turbo to their Mazda3. Please drop me a comment and let me know about it. Also, check out the turbochargerpros.com website and give me your suggestion on what to purchase.

Aloha ~


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What Time is it in Hawaii??

What time is it in Hawaii??

All of the Hawaiian Islands are on Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time.

The states of Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii,  along with the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST but instead stay on “standard time” all year long.

The time is…

Aloha ~

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Hawaii Airfare Secrets

Hawaii Airfare Secrets

After working for 16 years in the airline industry, Tony Morrison was unexpectedly fired and left hunting for a job. Pondering on his predicament, he decided that his “insider” experience could be super valuable to the traveling public. With revenge on his mind, he penned a book called My Airfare Secrets: Fired Travel Agent Reveals How To Get Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets! Catchy title for sure, and this has to be the best research on finding cheap airfare that I have ever seen.

The ebook is full of valuable tips, tricks, and secrets divided into four sections starting with “Basic Tricks” and ending with “Top Secret Tricks.” This is first rate information that most people are unaware of. Some of the tips given in the first part of the book are better known, but the stuff in the last three sections is solid gold – stuff I did not know and the airline tickets savings can be a VERY pleasant surprise.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things you will learn. Your timing when buying airfares can make a big difference when it comes to finding discount airline tickets. There are deals to be had everyday if you know when they occur, what questions to ask, and where to find them.Finally, there are some specific legal tricks for searching deals and saving money.

Since traveling by air is so expensive, I thought I’d share my find on the blog so that others might benefit. You can find and purchase the ebook directly from the author on the Tony Morrison website. Even if you only fly once a year, you will save more then enough money to cover your investment in Tony’s ebook if you follow his advice.

Aloha ~


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Enjoy a FREE Bahamas Cruise… No Kidding!

 Enjoy a FREE Bahamas Cruise... No Kidding!Want a free cruise?

No kidding… winyourcruise.com is offering a complimentary Bahamas Cruise Vacation from Imperial Majesty. Customers will only be responsible for port fees of $59 per person and everything else (entertainment and meals) is included.

I’m not sure how long this will last but it looks like a sweet opportunity to me!

Bon Voyage’ and Aloha ~


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