Would You Like to Win a Trip to Hawaii?

Hawaii sweepstakes

Would you like to win an all expense paid trip to Hawaii?

Do you have a cell phone?

You can win free trips, iPhones, message bundles, and all kinds of other free cool prizes by sending text
messages from your cell phone to the smsnia.com website. Using the exact same method that radio stations use on their “lucky caller” contests, SMSnia.com rewards “lucky texters” with some amazing prizes and lots of fun!

You can join smsnia.com very quickly by setting up an account on their website.

Once you
have completed the registration process, you’ll be able to enter any of their sweepstakes offerings by sending a text message
to and then replying to their confirmation text message that you agree with their terms of service.

Before you start playing, you’ll need to browse the various categories and then select the sweepstakes that
you want to go for (i.e. cars, home electronics, travel, computers, game consoles, household items,
and many more). By clicking on the sweepstakes detail link for the sweepstakes that you choose, you’ll be briefed on the three steps describing
how to proceed. From there, you can start playing by writing a
text message and pressing SEND.

Be the lucky person that you are, and you just might win a trip to Hawaii!

Good luck!

Aloha ~


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  1. i would love to win a trip to hawaii honolulu maui oahu

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